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We focus on the “good things about Japan” and aim to support its internationalization so that it can be accepted by people all over the world.We are committed to abstracting valuable Japanese culture and convictions and supporting its globalization so that people all over the world can come to enjoy it.


  1. We conduct training and seminars for foreign companies and managers working in Japan on how to proceed with business in Japan, the Japanese business paradigm and cultural norms.
  2. We provide training and seminars on Japanese culture, Japanese ways of thinking, and communication techniques for foreigners working in Japan and International students.
  3. We provide training and seminars on topics such as cross-cultural understanding and how to interact with foreign personnel for companies.
  4. We provide training and seminars covering all aspects of overseas business expansion. We also offer training such as workshops that are customized to suit your company’s circumstances.
  5. We provide training and seminars for people working overseas and their families on topics such as living abroad and how to interact with different cultures.

Each training program is unique and focuses on our strengths, Diversity & Inclusion.


  1. We help foreign companies overcome the challenges of business activities in Japan by providing consulting services on a variety of topics, including market development, cultural integration, and legal compliance.
  2. We provide consulting services on various themes faced by Japanese companies, such as overseas expansion and internationalization of companies, inbound support, and utilization of foreign human resources.

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