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We focus on advantages of Japanese culture, conviction, and business paradigm, and propagate and promote them in order for people all over the world to come to enjoy it, because we:

  • have extensive experience working with diverse people from different countries and cultures,
  • know profoundly the challenges and opportunities of globalization,
  • fund the diversity which brings the creativity, rich perspectives, and vitality.
  • know advantages of Japanese business advantages and conviction and also know where those advantages of Japan can easily cause friction when they cross borders and culture.
  • Know how to refine Japan’s advantages and make them resonate with other standard.

Takashi Onozawa – Representative of Onozawa Management Office
I specialized in sales and marketing of semiconductor products of manufacturers from U.S, Europe, Taiwan, South Korea, etc. for a major semiconductor trading company for 35 years. I primarily support manufacturing companies by leveraging my extensive experience negotiating with overseas semiconductor manufacturers and related software vendors, as well as with deep technical knowledge of semiconductor industry-related technology and the electronics equipment manufacturing industry. I retired in 2021 and became a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise consultant.

Shoko Suzuki – Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Consultant, based at Tokyo Consultant Association I have over 25 years of experience in consumer goods marketing for US-based multinational companies. In 2019, I became an independent management consultant for Small and Medium-sized companies. With my expertise in global marketing and working experience in a diversified environment, I have been supporting Japanese companies expanding overseas or foreign companies operating in Japan. I am also involved in developing global human resources at universities in Japan and Vietnam.

Ayaka Fujiwara – Ethical Management Advisor With over a decade of supporting Japanese companies’ overseas expansion at a trading and consulting firm, I developed a deep understanding of social issues that are crucial for successful international ventures. This understanding, coupled with my ethical perspective, which emphasizes consideration for people, the environment, society, and local communities, guides my approach to overseas expansion support. In 2019, I further enhanced my expertise by obtaining the qualification of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Consultant to provide support for management and business design.

Miki Yamamoto With a strong track record of supporting Japanese companies’ overseas expansion, I have gained valuable insights from working at domestic and international public support organizations. During my five-year assignment in Bangladesh, I actively participated in public-private partnership initiatives to enhance the investment environment. In 2019, I established Miki Yamamoto’s Small and Medium Enterprise Consultant Office in Sapporo, Hokkaido. My services extend beyond supporting Hokkaido companies’ overseas expansion to promoting the acceptance and coexistence of foreign human resources and fostering cross-cultural understanding. Since April 2019, I have served as a Coordinator at the Hokkaido Yorozu Support Center and as an Overseas Business Specialist Consultant at the Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Additionally, I have been an International Business Advisor at the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN (SME Support, JAPAN) since January 2023.. URL: https://miki-consulting.com/

Kawasaki Toru – Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Consultant After graduating from Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, I worked for a major electronics manufacturer, a small consumer goods manufacturer, a mid-sized chemical trading company, and a foreign chemical manufacture in domestic and international sales and management roles. I have rich experience working in diverse environment including domestic and overseas base operations, as well as with large, medium, small, and foreign-affiliated companies. After embarking on an independent consulting career, I have focused on providing support to small businesses in their overseas endeavors. My consulting approach is hands-on and tailored to the specific needs of each client, going beyond mere theory and logic. Driven by a passion for exploration, I once traveled the world extensively and still enjoy solo travel adventures. Born in Hiroshima City.

Toru Ozawa – Representative of OGL Consulting After working in the financial sector, I transitioned to a beverage manufacturer. I was assigned to the business division’s overseas business manager, overseeing business strategy planning and managing operations for local subsidiaries in Europe and the United States. A secondment to a foreign joint venture revealed my aptitude for working in cross-cultural environments. Even after establishing my own small and medium-sized business consultancy, I remain actively engage in international business, including projects in developing countries.

Atsushi Sako – Overseas Business Producer, Representative of Sako Management Office In 1994, I registered as Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Consultant in commercial sector. Since 2018, my office has been certified as a certified support organization since 2018. With expertise in supporting overseas expansion, I leverage my extensive network in Asia and my current role as a JETRO expert (partner) to assist companies in their global endeavors. My specialization lies in analyzing supported companies, conducting tailored FS studies, and guiding the creation of comprehensive business plans. Cross-cultural understanding is my forte, enabling effective communication with foreign personnel and providing training to Japanese companies.

Hideichi Tokuhisa – D&i Partners Advisor, Representative of Comfort Management With 25 years of overseas experience at the international distribution group “Yaohan” in Brazil, the USA, and Hong Kong, I became to independent management consulting in 2001. Leveraging my extensive international business expertise, I specialize in supporting the overseas expansion of distribution and service industries and excel in cross-cultural communication. I serve as a guest lecturer at the Waseda University Open Course “Corporate Management and Consulting Practical Course” and am a visiting professor at Hollywood Graduate University. My publications include “A book that helps you understand the BRICs economy at a glance” and “All about BRICs and the NEXT11” (co-authored, PHP Publishing).

Fumio Okita – Representative of D&i partners LLP, Representative of Office Okita Bringing 30 years of experience at the general trading company Marubeni Corporation, where I led development and foreign direct investment projects, including infrastructures in the Middle East and industrial parks and housing developments in Asian countries. In 2002, I embarked on an independent consulting career, establishing Office Okita, Business Management Consulting Office. Beyond supporting the overseas expansion of Japanese companies, I actively engage in cultural exchange by conducting “Japanese Corporate Culture Courses” at universities in Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries. My goal is to foster a profound understanding of Japanese culture and businesses among young people in Asia and other aress.

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