About Us

D&I partners support people around the world to comprehend our culture, conviction, and paradigm, especially in the Japanese business system, which helps achieve universal collaboration.

D&i partners’ commitment
D&I partners members are here to clarify and focus on the advantages of Japanese culture, conviction, and business paradigm, and propagate and promote them.

We support Japan and its businesses to achieve appropriate globalization.
We support all the people in the world to work and want to work with Japanese and Japanese companies by indicating proper recognition of cultural gaps and system differences. We show you what Japanese are good at and not as well for your profound understanding.

We assist all the people to work and collaborate for a fascinating future with mutual understanding and respect, creating diversified vitality and an appealing business environment.

D&I has many competent fellow members who work with our partner members.
We wish you with us and create the next new world.

D&i partners representative
Fumio Okita

*What is a limited liability partnership?
It is a partnership based on the “Law on Limited Liability Partnership Contracts” of Japan, and is an organizational form created to promote joint ventures among specialized human resources. All investors (members) have limited liability and cooperate to provide professional services. It does not have corporate status and is subject to member (investor) taxation.

Organization profile
1. Name: D&I Partners Limited Liability Partnership
2. Established: October 1, 2022
3. Major business profile: Training/seminars, Consulting
4. Representative: Fumio Okita
5. Executive Director: Takashi Onozawa
6. Members: Fellows and 10 official members
7. Address: 3-5-5 Saihiro, Ichihara City, Chiba 290-0022, Japan
8. Contact information: For any questions or requests, please use the form on the “Contact Us” page.

Contact Us

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