D&i Partners

D&i Partners

D&I partners Bridging Japan and the World, building a global network of opportunity and innovation.

D&I partners Connecting Japan and the world, and people to people, and creating a global future together. 
D&I Partners is a team of professional business consultants who support people from all over the world work on good terms with Japanese people and its companies to build a prosperous universe for all. We will bridge communication and paradigm gap among the different people a Japanese culture and convictions through rich international experience and creativity. We assist all businesses Japanese and/or foreign to expand their reach global market and t leverage diversity and achieve sustainable growth.

D&i partners
Our dream is for people around the world to transcend national borders, ethnic groups, and religions, and to build mutual understanding and trusting relationships through work and exchange.

Our Business
We make our dream come true through seminars, study and training sessions, consultation and business support activities.

Our Partner Members
Our partner members are experts in a variety of fields with rich experience, knowledge in world-wide businesses and highly skilled in global range problem-solving.

Why the services provided by D&I partners are the KEY to SUCCESS of people and businesses around the world

Through their extensive experience in global business, the members of D&I Partners emphasize the importance of mutual understanding and approval, which is the importance of communication and respect in other words. We, Japanese has its own history and culture. Our business system and paradigm have been developed along with our long history. Some of them are not fitting in modern universal system. We know, however, that we have a lot of those useful, outstanding and contributory culture and convictions for prosperous and sustainable universe. Using our international and domestic experience. We bridge all the people by harmonizing our culture and conviction with the proper global standards. As a first step toward our goal, we support people and companies active around the world to perceive our culture and convictions. We believe that through the accumulation of such efforts, people around the world can create a bright and prosperous future together.

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